Quick Fix!

Last week I went away for the weekend, and as you know by now my life is always a world win of events barely having a moment to catch my breath so, I was looking forward to the weekend. After the extremely stressful week I had I managed to break 2 of my nails so I needed … Continue reading Quick Fix!

Product Review: Dettol Hand Sanitizer & Hygiene Wipes

It's National Water Week, it only seemed appropriate that I based this week's blog post on how important it is to save water. We've been hearing it on the radio, seeing it on television, the newspapers. I've been travelling to Cape Town on business for the last three years, while here I have been exposed … Continue reading Product Review: Dettol Hand Sanitizer & Hygiene Wipes

It’s The Weekend, Baby!!!

It’s been another crazzzzyyy week. Don’t you wish there was a stop button just so you can take a minute to catch your breath? You know life is getting the best of you when you realise there was potential for a long weekend and you were the only person that didn’t know, was I the only … Continue reading It’s The Weekend, Baby!!!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Woolworths Fresh Delights: Hand and Nail Cream

It’s been a busy week, with assignments due early next week I’m starting to feel the pressure of that deadline fast approaching. If you want to know about procrastination ask a student, I’m no different even though I study part-time I certainly make up for it. Throughout my studies whenever the semester starts I always start … Continue reading PRODUCT REVIEW: Woolworths Fresh Delights: Hand and Nail Cream

On A Budget

Last month was South Africa's budget review for 2017, (instant headache) I always cringe when it comes to this time of year because I hate it when anyone takes money, let alone the government,....let me not get started on that topic. mxm. Annnnnyway after the government read us our rights I am sure all our pockets felt … Continue reading On A Budget

Blasts From The Past

When I sat down to start writing my follow-up post from my introduction, I began to panic…I thought to myself, how do I expect my readers to understand the message that meant so much to me? The task felt daunting to say the least…until I pulled myself towards myself and started looking through my archives....

For The Love Of Nails 

 Well, Hello There! 🙂 This blog has been a long time coming - about 5 years to be exact. Yeah, I know! Its funny how time flies when you procrastinate. Life just happens in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re learning to tie your shoelaces and then BOOM...you’re suddenly an adult with all … Continue reading For The Love Of Nails