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Winter Warmer

The cold has officially hit Cape Town and the chill is now making up for the drought that we have been having for the last few months while typing this I can’t actually feel my toes…and if I don’t take frequent breaks I fear that I may lose all sensation in my fingers too….i repeat!… Continue reading Winter Warmer

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Fashion Nail Art Challenge

For those who missed it, this past week I entered myself into the So Nailicious Fashion Nail Art Challenge. I submitted 3 designs and in this post I would like to give you some insight into these designs and tell you how my first experience was entering a Nail Art Challenge. I am going to… Continue reading Fashion Nail Art Challenge


Cosmic Girl

She's going home, she's going home tell the world that she's going home....that line has been stuck in my head the whole week, I think they are song lyrics that have been tweeked by my brain...I sometimes have no control of what this brain of mine gets up to. The problem is that these are… Continue reading Cosmic Girl

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Just So Retro

'I feel happier just looking at that manicure' that was a comment received from a passer-by during the photo shoot of this manicure. It almost made me tear up just knowing that my manicure has made a positive impact on someone's life even if it is as small as putting a smile on someone's face. I fall… Continue reading Just So Retro


Off The Edge

I am still in recovery from the aftermath of exams, it has been over a week since exams ended but I am still trying to get my sleeping patterns right and I think my brain is still in shock from the extensive wakeup call it got from trying to cram all that info into it,… Continue reading Off The Edge

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Blogger Recognition Award

Love Your Manicure has been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award!!! Yay! Us! I can’t explain to you our excitement for this award! We received this about a week ago but with exams underway, everything came to an abrupt halt until they we finished so we’ve had to supress our excitement until now!!! I would… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

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Fearlessly Feminine

A timeless classic that has been a beloved fashion staple for decades as far back as the 1920s and still a very present trend today. The leopard print has a power like no other, it generates an aura of fearlessness and pulls at the core of your inner femme fatal. Leopard print is another one… Continue reading Fearlessly Feminine