Spring Fling

01 - Spring Fling

Another week done and dusted and all assignments successfully submitted! Yay Me! I can finally breath a little. It’s surprisingly freezing in Durban this week, 16 degrees WTF?!? I thought I left the cold in Cape Town? Thankfully I still have my onesie and this weekend I will be taking full advantage of it. I was particulary excited about this weekend! My sister and I are having a little PJ Nail Party….well…it’s not actually a party because it’s just the 2 of us and basically we are sorting out some content for her swatch posts and planning some of my mani, pedi design posts so it’s mostly work but we haven’t had a sleep over in forever so we can just pretend its a party. Being around my family is one of my favourite things about being home and I finally get to see my niece more, I’ve missed most of the first year of her life because I’ve been away but away but being home and being able to see her grow and learn new things brings so much joy to my heart.

Okay, okay enough with all the much for one day! What do you think of my new pedicure design?


02 - Spring Fling

The weather has been a bit confusing and when creating this design I think my subconscious was beckoning Spring. After using the Essence Colour Boost Nail Paint I wanted to mix the Essence, Gel Nail Polish and the Colour Boost Nail Paint together to see how well they would work.

The colours used in this manicure:

Pink – The Gel Nail Polish No. 13 Forgive Me

Yellow – Essence Colour Boost Instant Summer

Tut 12 - Spring Fling

I started off this pedicure by painting one coat of the Colour Boost Instant Summer, I was impressed with the coverage and the pigment of the colour boost nail paints they really are true to their promise of the one coat and go. I used  a tip guide which I purchased from eBay, you can also create this design freehand using a nail brush. to get full coverage of the No. 13 Forgive me I painted 1 very generous coat to get full coverage. The Gel Nail Polish didn’t do too bad at all after placing a gem I applied a top coat.

07 - Spring Fling

I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that in the coming weeks the weather will get warmer and I’ll finally be able to pull out my pretty sandals and get to show off all these pedicures that I create…it almost feels like having a full face of make-up and no-one getting to see it. Luckily though barring this week the weather hasn’t been too bad in Durban so my feet haven’t always been buried in socks and shoes.

We will be attending our first Durban Bloggers meet next Saturday so make sure you follow our Instagram to see what we get up to. : Twitter: @LYManicure, Instagram: @LYManicure and Facebook: @LoveurManicure enjoy the chilly weather peeps and make sure you stay warm and ….

“Always Remember To Love Your Manicure”







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