Swatch Spot

Swatch Spot #1: Fame Fatal


Hello and Welcome to My Swatch Spot! 😊 I’m Trisha, my nickname is mummy or as Sister calls me Smally, but we can keep it on a first name basis. I’m the darling younger sister you hear so fondly about and with almost 5years that have passed by since this blog planted its’ seed we are finally here. In case you were wondering, this started with two sisters who have a love for nail art and decided to spend an entire night doing dozens of nail art tutorials which, may I just add we haven’t used one. I don’t even think we were thinking clearly about it because the room wasn’t even ventilated and we both woke up with the mother of all hangovers from inhaling acetone the whole night. (Note to self: Open a window Lol)

After our painful experience, the blog didn’t even take off… Sister ended up working away and I was so busy being a rebel, time kind of ran away but here we are… FINALLY!!!

So just a little bit of perspective about me, I can remember my first nail polish experience when I was just a teeny-weeny snot nose and no it didn’t involve a disaster. Quite the contrary, mum used to give us manicures. Fond memories, it was a scarlet red Revlon polish and I remember so clearly because I refused to carry anything for the rest of the day for the fear of spoiling my nails. I was hooked! I thought it was only fitting to make my first post that colour. It just flourished from there as I got older from toothpick nail art to making a hole in my nail for an earring, when I think of it now I have no idea why I did it but it was fun. 😊 My favourite was always colours, louder the better. I’m a rainbow child. That was often a problem in school when my nails were always the wrong colour of “No Nail Polish Allowed”. The last born always gets away with everything. I guess, I kind of have an easy decade worth of experience with nail polish so I might have something worth saying about it.


Alright, so before I get completely lost reminiscing let me get back on track. Welcome Welcome…Back to the “Swatch Spot” 😊 I decided on the wonderful Essence Gel Polish No. 16 Fame Fatal for my first choice since it seems to appear so often on our blog. I think it might be a favourite and from my experience, I can understand why.

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Personally, wherever my nails are painted red I always feel just a little more powerful and sexy and when it comes to nail polish Essence really give you value for money. From my experience, Essence Gel Polish gave me beautiful coverage. The consistency of the polish is slightly thicker than usual and I think that allows it to give the better coverage. My first coat was a single stroke down the middle of my nail bed and then on either side. I expected the polish to have streaks but surprisingly enough, even though the consistency is slightly thicker the self-levelling is on point. In all honestly, it I was in a hurry and just had one coat, I’d still feel comfortable to leave the house but since I wanted to check drying time to be fair I put another coat. This is where I think the thicker consistency drops the ball, I watched a whole movie and the polish still had a sticky feel. It wasn’t dry but you can’t see that in the pictures. In all fairness, the quality of polish is definitely a step up from most but I seldom have the time to wait for my nails. A girl is only ever vulnerable when her nails are wet. Okay, so to some this up… Essence Gel polish is a hit. What’s your thoughts about it? Do you have any favourites? I’m curious… Are you interested in swatches? How do you test polish before you buy it? Give me opinions, thoughts and ideas on what direction you’d like my little segment to go? Are there any polishes you’d like to hear about in particular?

Well, this is me signing off… Knowledge is power 😉

Always remember to love your manicure… ♥


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