Touch Of Tribal


We’ve had an amazing weekend! Yesterday my Smally and I attended our first bloggers event. It was so exciting and we finally got to meet and mingle with our local KZN bloggers. It’s so reassuring to know that we are not in the bloggers struggle alone. We’ve learnt so much from the event and it has really inspired us, we’ve also learnt the importance of time management which is something that all bloggers battle with as well as the importance of consistency. There are so many things that we’d like to introduce into our blog but time doesn’t allow us. What I have decided is that for the next 2/3 months I would like to focus a bit more on my studies before I introduce you to all the new and exciting things we have planned. So for now we will continue with our standard mani and pedi designs.


Spring is soon approaching Yay us! Bring on slipper season! Here’s our final Winter design Touch of Tribal:


An all Essence Manicure:

Orange: No. 96 Orange to go

Black: No. 46 Black is back

Beige: No. 36 Dare it nude

Gold: No. 44 On Air

Some of these colours were used in previous mani / Pedi’s which you can view the links below:

On A Budget

Foot Fetish

Stylishly Stripped

Fearlessly Feminine

Off The Edge

Tut 13 - Touch Of Tribal

When starting this manicure I was going for something that was natural with a pop of colour and the Orange to go was exactly what I was looking for. I started by painting 2 coats of Dare it nude using some stripping tape placed to make a V Shape on either side. I then filled in the V with On Air. I placed more striping tape on either side of the V making more V’s on either side I filled the first V with Orange and the corner of the nails with black. Finally ii painted a top coat and slayed!



Over the next few weeks we will be trying out the amazing products received from the #KZNMeetup and will be sure to do some product reviews to let you know what we thought of the products.

I was thinking of doing a Spring Theme for September where all my mani and pedi reviews will be Spring inspired….what do you think?

So that’s it from us for now make sure you follow our social media : : Twitter: @LYManicure, Instagram: @LYManicure and Facebook: @LoveurManicure for more on this manicure have a powerful week ahead beauties ….

“Always Remember To Love Your Manicure”










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