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Swatch Spot #2: Revlon: Enthrall


Hello and Welcome Back to the Wonderful Swatch Spot! 😊

I must start this with a HUGE THANK YOU… I can’t believe the incredible response I received! All the messages have not gone unnoticed, I really appreciate all the feedback and ideas… This is OUR blog so don’t think your part in it is over. I love hearing from you and look forward to all your thoughts, so please don’t hesitate to join my little community.

Now I must put out a big SORRY, I’m so delayed with this post, some of you were even kind enough to remind me you’re waiting… The days have just been evaporating and time just wasn’t on my side. I’m trying to just juggle so I can get a routine going and then I’ll be able to post my little segment on a Wednesday. Lets’ call it teething problems, and speaking of which… I have a little 15month old that’s teething also… Fun times I tell you. LOL she’s part of the reason for the late post. There I go again getting distracted. I know I must have many mums checking this post and you’re going to appreciate my review today.


I’m just going to start by saying “NO BASE OR TOP COAT NEEDED”, yippee you read right! Now isn’t that just great. Revlon must have had mums in mind when they launched the wonderful Brilliant Strength nail polish range. I stumbled across this beautiful polish at Red Square. Naturally with limited time as most of our lives are so busy and on the run, multiple coats of polish and waiting for it to dry get’s tricky. Imagine my enthusiasm….and this colour certainly stole my heart. In true swatch fashion, I had to paint my entire nail just to check the coverage. I was impressed, like no kidding. The polish has this gold shimmer in it and with such a dark colour, I expected the gold to disappear…you know how the saying goes “Not all that glitters is gold”, that wasn’t the case here. It was gold, it’s beautiful. Like how often do you buy a glitter, shimmer or metallic polish but, when you paint it on your nails there’s hardly anything there??? Breaks my heart everytime, and believe me I’m passionate about my polish. Please forgive my ADD, I tend to derail from time to time.



Back to the wonderful Revlon Brilliant Strength nail enamel, so I did the regular two coats and just off the bat… The polish is a perfect consistency. Not too runny and not too thick, it’s like a happy place in between. The brush has longer bristles which helps with coverage, however the opacity is a little disappointing on the first coat. It isn’t a deal breaker though because by the time I put my second coat, all it well with the world. 😊 Back to the happy place in between, it allows for perfect self-levelling. It’s like everything just amalgamates like its custom made solid to fit on your nail. Take into account, I didn’t have to clean my cuticles at all after painting because I didn’t have any runs. 😊 Drying time was an absolute winner for me, but I suppose that will always be a strength for Revlon from my experience. I was really pleased when I wore this polish for over a week, and no chips. The Revlon Brilliant Strength has a formula which serves to make your nails feel harder, stronger and more resilient. As well as the added oils, it isn’t necessary for a base or top coat which is always a winner in my book.

So, share your thoughts with me? Have you tried the Revlon Brilliant Strength? What was your experience like? How do you swatch your polish? Let me know your thoughts, you know I love hearing from you.

Love your manicure…♥




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