Pretty Pastels


Spring has finally Sprung!!! What does Spring mean to you? Is it just another season? Spring is one of my favourite season’s it’s the season of transformation, the start of all things fresh and new, the temperature rises, yay! It also symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth, love, hope, youth and growth. This year has been a it of a rollercoaster for me, it’s had both up’s and downs and the transition from Cape Town to Durban has also been difficult and if I had to be honest, even though I’ve been back for a few months now and I should be well into the swing of things it’s still a daily struggle for me….I sit here with so many questions and some I still don’t have answers for but, this is what I’ve come up with.

We are all in a struggle of our own and though we may question life and don’t understand why we are going through the hardships that we are currently being faced with there’s a lesson in there somewhere. We may not see the lesson now but in time we will eventually understand, the thing with tough situations is that we can’t always see the silver lining in the situation while we are in the storm but, when the storm subsides and the clouds clear we will see our silver lining, it takes time and patience but just like Winter the season does change and Spring will come, the new beginning, rebirth and growth will come and one day when we look back on the season past I hope you will see the lesson in that storm and know that because of it you have become aa stronger better person from it.



So that’s as deep as i’m going for this post let’s put our feet up and get into this Pretty Pastel pedicure:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAs mentioned last week for the month of September I will be creating designs that are Spring inspired. I’ve chosen a pastel design for my first pedicure because there’s something about pastels that just remind me of Spring.


Colours :

Essence : The Gel Nail Polish:

No. 40 Play with my mint

No. 21 A whisper of Spring (How perfect is that name for this post! J )

No. 33 Wild white ways

Tut 14 - Pretty Pastels

I picked a very simple design I started by painting the base with two coats of Wild White Ways, with a dotting tool I placed five dots in a circle to create a flower with A Whisper of Spring. If you don’t have a dotting tool you can also use a toothpick. I then placed random dots around the flowers with Play with My Mint. I placed the gems in the centre of the flowers and painted a top coat to give the pedicure the perfect finish.



And that’s it from me for this week, are you following our social media : : Twitter: @LYManicure, Instagram: @LYManicure and Facebook: @LoveurManicure chin up and ….

“Always Remember To Love Your Manicure”



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