Swatch Spot

Swatch Spot #4: Revlon: Wild Card


Another week has passed and I’m reporting for duty with your midweek boost! 😊

It’s been abit of a rough week thus far for me, I’ve been man down for the most part. Sadly, I was in a motor vehicle accident Sunday afternoon. Talking about coming into Spring with a bang. So, Sunday was “Shoot day” for the blog and sister was taking my daughter and I home. Anyway, long story short the robot changed amber and we slowed down to stop by the time the gentleman decided to give us a bump from behind it was already red. Now I’ve always understood that in an accident you stop where you are and wait for police officials to arrive at the scene. This kind man decided to speed off around the bend and park out of sight. We were both in panic thinking he was running away, quick thinking we took note of the number plate and the description of the vehicle. A truck driver was kind enough to direct us to where the van sped off too and allowed us to pass in front of him. No kidding, accident was at 14h25 and by 14h33 we had 1ambulance, 2 tow trucks, 1 police van and 2 other random people that stopped… I was impressed, surprised for the most part but impressed nevertheless. So anyhow, mum always told me when you in an accident, don’t ever apologise because you will automatically take the blame. So here I am jumping out the van with my daughter in hand may I just add, asking this idiot that just smashed into us and ran away if he’s okay. LOL Thanks mum, he said sorry first and didn’t stop. So, I go to his van which looks like the engine is pushed so far back from impact, I’m shaking like an autumn leaf thanking God for our safety. Mind you, while all this is taking place, my daughter is probably the calmest person on the scene. She’s just holding onto me, going about her business pulling my hair and biting my shoulder #TeethingProblems. Thankful no serious injuries, we all got lucky. #BuckleUp #ItSavedMyLife



Now to the reason you are all here, Spring Blue! Now, tell me… How gorgeous is this Blue??? I fell in love, I have a big heart… I tend to fall in love a lot LOL 😊 This Blue… Ooooohhhh, it’s definitely a beauty. Something about a vibrant colour makes me feel like I own the world, never mind taking it over. Unlike the review I’ve previously done on Swatch Spot #2: Revlon: Enthrall, this is a different ball game. This is part of the trend I’ve notice where everything it “Gelish”. The Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy is that indeed – Much to be envied! The polish is a little runnier than I anticipated for a Gel polish but still an impressive consistency. It has a thicker brush which I can always appreciate because of my big nail beds. It makes for good coverage when applying and this polish gives me a good opacity as well… Double Win! 😊 I did however get a bit of a transfer, you know when you don’t put a top coat when your nails brush up on paper you get that streak… yeah it did that but it isn’t really a game changer for me. I’m a lover of Revlon so no harm no foul.


Back to medication and afternoon naps for me, I feel like an old lady with all my aches and pains. Lol So keep your feedback coming in… I want to know your thoughts and experiences? Anything you want to hear? You going to have to excuse my quick review this week, I almost never made it at all. So help me give you something good next week… I look forward to hearing your reviews.

“Always Remember To Love Your Manicure…♥”


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