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YT || Love Letters

  Well helloooo February! Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that we are almost halfway through the second month of the year already! I mean, Jeepers! Where is the time going!?! This design's inspiration took me waaay back to school days. School boy crushes, love letters, butterflies, roses, dressing up in your best… Continue reading YT || Love Letters

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YT|| Valentine’s Swatch Review

So this week i thought i'd try something different to my usual Nail Art Tutorials. Valentine's day is just around the corner and to set the mood for all you V'Day fanatics i'm sharing with you some of my absolute favourite Red Polishes that are PERFECT to set the mood for V'Day. Starting off with Essence… Continue reading YT|| Valentine’s Swatch Review

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  When i was a little girl we used to play in this field where these flowers grew and we used to pick the petals off saying he loves me, he loves me not we would do this over and over until there were no more flowers left. To be honest with you i am… Continue reading YT // HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT

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YT || Blushed Beauty

Hey, hey! i know im a bit late with this post but i have been having one of those crazy weeks. As i bonus you'll probably get 2 posts going up this week if i don't get blown away by the storm that's happening outside my window. I very rarely recreate a manicure and even… Continue reading YT || Blushed Beauty

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Another week has flown by! Is it me or do the weeks seem to have grown wings, i mean it feels like one day i was sitting on the beach trying to catch a tan and i blinked and all the kids are back at school. Do you remember your first day of school? Such… Continue reading YT // PARTY POP


It’s A Spring Thing

And finally I’m back. It’s been a minute since my last manicure post and if you’ve read my Smally’s Swatch Spot review this week she told you all about the accident we were in this past weekend so, it’s been bed rest and meds for the better part of the week. We are all doing a… Continue reading It’s A Spring Thing

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Swatch Spot #4: Revlon: Wild Card

Another week has passed and I’m reporting for duty with your midweek boost! 😊 It’s been abit of a rough week thus far for me, I’ve been man down for the most part. Sadly, I was in a motor vehicle accident Sunday afternoon. Talking about coming into Spring with a bang. So, Sunday was “Shoot… Continue reading Swatch Spot #4: Revlon: Wild Card