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Swatch Spot #3: Yardley : Green With Envy

Whoop Whoop... It’s Spring!!! Sunshine, Rainbows and Spring Showers are back again... Sounds like happy days are here to stay! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I love winter BUT I love me some Spring. Longer days are drawing near and flowers blooming make for beautiful sceneries. I don’t know about you but the past couple… Continue reading Swatch Spot #3: Yardley : Green With Envy


Pretty Pastels

Spring has finally Sprung!!! What does Spring mean to you? Is it just another season? Spring is one of my favourite season's it's the season of transformation, the start of all things fresh and new, the temperature rises, yay! It also symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth, love, hope, youth and growth. This year has been a… Continue reading Pretty Pastels

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Swatch Spot #2: Revlon: Enthrall

Hello and Welcome Back to the Wonderful Swatch Spot! 😊 I must start this with a HUGE THANK YOU… I can’t believe the incredible response I received! All the messages have not gone unnoticed, I really appreciate all the feedback and ideas… This is OUR blog so don’t think your part in it is over.… Continue reading Swatch Spot #2: Revlon: Enthrall


Touch Of Tribal

We've had an amazing weekend! Yesterday my Smally and I attended our first bloggers event. It was so exciting and we finally got to meet and mingle with our local KZN bloggers. It's so reassuring to know that we are not in the bloggers struggle alone. We've learnt so much from the event and it has really inspired… Continue reading Touch Of Tribal

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Swatch Spot #1: Fame Fatal

Hello and Welcome to My Swatch Spot! 😊 I’m Trisha, my nickname is mummy or as Sister calls me Smally, but we can keep it on a first name basis. I’m the darling younger sister you hear so fondly about and with almost 5years that have passed by since this blog planted its’ seed we… Continue reading Swatch Spot #1: Fame Fatal


Spring Fling

Another week done and dusted and all assignments successfully submitted! Yay Me! I can finally breath a little. It's surprisingly freezing in Durban this week, 16 degrees WTF?!? I thought I left the cold in Cape Town? Thankfully I still have my onesie and this weekend I will be taking full advantage of it. I… Continue reading Spring Fling


New Beginnings

The day has finally come! We have been looking forward to posting this blog for more than 5 years. This post births an exciting new beginning for Love Your Manicure, finally the dream becomes reality where my sister and I are working together to create content for you and grow the Love Your Manicure brand together. We… Continue reading New Beginnings