Spring Fling

Another week done and dusted and all assignments successfully submitted! Yay Me! I can finally breath a little. It's surprisingly freezing in Durban this week, 16 degrees WTF?!? I thought I left the cold in Cape Town? Thankfully I still have my onesie and this weekend I will be taking full advantage of it. I… Continue reading Spring Fling


New Beginnings

The day has finally come! We have been looking forward to posting this blog for more than 5 years. This post births an exciting new beginning for Love Your Manicure, finally the dream becomes reality where my sister and I are working together to create content for you and grow the Love Your Manicure brand together. We… Continue reading New Beginnings


Colour Pop

Happy Woman’s Month Lovelies!!! Can you believe it’s August already! One of my favourite months of the year next to October, my birthday month and December, the Festive Season. What makes August so exciting is that it’s all about Woman! It’s our month and we need to embrace it for that it is! It’s a… Continue reading Colour Pop

Product Reviews

SPECIAL FEATURE: POND’S Flawless Radiance BB Cream

Ordinarily we would not post about make-up beauty products because as I’m sure you figured out our blog’s focus is on manicures and pedicures but, when a product like the POND’S Flawless Radiance BB Cream arrives on our manicure table we couldn’t resist. Both my sister and I are not huge fans of make-up (I… Continue reading SPECIAL FEATURE: POND’S Flawless Radiance BB Cream


Teenage Dream

I'll never forget the first day of my Matric year, I got to school early excited and nervous for what the year had in store, it was raining and before I walked through the school gates I remember standing there thinking: 'this is the beginning of the end'.... my whole schooling career was about to… Continue reading Teenage Dream


Touch Of Love

It’s time to put my best foot forward and get things done! It’s been a whirlwind of a week and with lectures kicking off this week I’ve had a serious wake up call. The thing about making decisions about your future is that it’s considered to be a selfish decision because somehow the people closest… Continue reading Touch Of Love


Shades Of Grey

I have a confession...and being the private person that I am, for me to make any kind of confession is a struggle but, here it goes...on the norm I'm the type of person that easily adapts to change. Where most people battle with change in their life I move along with ease. One would think that's a… Continue reading Shades Of Grey