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YT|| Valentine’s Swatch Review

So this week i thought i'd try something different to my usual Nail Art Tutorials. Valentine's day is just around the corner and to set the mood for all you V'Day fanatics i'm sharing with you some of my absolute favourite Red Polishes that are PERFECT to set the mood for V'Day. Starting off with Essence… Continue reading YT|| Valentine’s Swatch Review

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Swatch Spot #4: Revlon: Wild Card

Another week has passed and I’m reporting for duty with your midweek boost! 😊 It’s been abit of a rough week thus far for me, I’ve been man down for the most part. Sadly, I was in a motor vehicle accident Sunday afternoon. Talking about coming into Spring with a bang. So, Sunday was “Shoot… Continue reading Swatch Spot #4: Revlon: Wild Card

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Swatch Spot #3: Yardley : Green With Envy

Whoop Whoop... It’s Spring!!! Sunshine, Rainbows and Spring Showers are back again... Sounds like happy days are here to stay! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I love winter BUT I love me some Spring. Longer days are drawing near and flowers blooming make for beautiful sceneries. I don’t know about you but the past couple… Continue reading Swatch Spot #3: Yardley : Green With Envy

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Swatch Spot #2: Revlon: Enthrall

Hello and Welcome Back to the Wonderful Swatch Spot! 😊 I must start this with a HUGE THANK YOU… I can’t believe the incredible response I received! All the messages have not gone unnoticed, I really appreciate all the feedback and ideas… This is OUR blog so don’t think your part in it is over.… Continue reading Swatch Spot #2: Revlon: Enthrall

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Swatch Spot #1: Fame Fatal

Hello and Welcome to My Swatch Spot! 😊 I’m Trisha, my nickname is mummy or as Sister calls me Smally, but we can keep it on a first name basis. I’m the darling younger sister you hear so fondly about and with almost 5years that have passed by since this blog planted its’ seed we… Continue reading Swatch Spot #1: Fame Fatal